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Customer reviews
     I'm a very house proud person, and this includes making sure that my windows look good! I really wanted a window cleaning company that I could trust and that I could use for a long time. This is what I found with NottingHill-Cleaners. I've been using their services for over a year now, and I don't have one bad word to say about them. They have done everything just the way I want it, and someone is always on hand to help me with anything I need.
Poppy Porter 10/02/2016
     I was over the moon with the end of tenancy cleaners I hired when a tenant of mine had left the property in a mess. Luckily the company called Cleaning Firm Notting Hill could react at short notice and send a team of cleaners in to clean the place from top to bottom until every scrap of dirt was removed. The clean up didn't take that long and wasn't expensive. I was certainly very pleased and will keep their details for future reference as I often need this type of assistance being a property manager. This company were prompt, reliable and hard working.
V. Walker13/01/2016
     I was never much of a cook, so I didn't spend much time in my kitchen. This meant it slowly became messy. I wasn't sure if I could handle the clean well enough but I knew Notting Hill Cleaning Service could. Their cleaners did the task for me, doing a better job than I could ever hope. Their expert staff worked hard and well, giving me a clean kitchen in no time.
Stan C.31/07/2015
     I run a professional kitchen, where a clean working environment is most essential. I have been hiring NottingHillCleaners for kitchen cleaning for quite some time now, and I am really satisfied with their services. Their oven cleaning approach makes our ovens look as good as new each time, and the floor is always so clean that one could practically eat off of it. I strongly recommend them.
Pierre LeBlanc08/05/2015
     Hiring NottingHillCleaners wasn't a tough choice for me. I wanted a regular cleaning for my home, and I'd used their one-off cleaning service in the past. I'd been very impressed then, and I was pleased to find their service just as impressive today. My cleaner worked incredibly hard, with speed and skill, to get my house looking gloriously clean, and now I hire this service every two weeks. Love this company!
Jordan L.29/01/2015
     Must say that I'm very impressed with the knowledge which is on offer from the team at NottingHillCleaners. They've been really helpful in dealing with a few upholstery issues which we've been facing of late and I was certain that I would never see the day when I could get rid of those annoying stains. Even despite the time they've been there, the team simply came in, did their work and left. Quick and easy and everything's been absolutely perfect since. Couldn't be happier.
L. Jenkins07/01/2015
     I was very happy with my recent office cleaning service. I had tried other but some didn't turn up on time and I wanted a team that was punctual so everything was ship shape for opening times. NottingHillCleaners were amazing, for the first meeting to arrange a service to the now regular cleaning appointment I have three times a week. The cleaners are thorough and really deep clean the office area, kitchen and bathroom. Great work and thank you.
Collin Pittman24/11/2014
     When my mother died last year we had to sell her property and clearing it out was quite a draining experience. I couldn't face going in there when it was empty as it was all too upsetting and we decided to hire professional cleaners to do the move out cleaning. NottingHillCleaners were the company we contacted and they did a wonderful job - by the time they were finished the place was immaculate and it took one visit to see that everything was done and dusted. I was and still am extremely grateful for the hard work they did for us at a difficult time.
Beverley L.14/11/2014
     We were thinking about getting some new carpets installed in our house, because after several years of children, mud, football boots and cats, we couldn't really remember what our old carpet looked like! Fortunately, before all that a friend suggested I call NottingHillCleaners to see if they could help me with my carpets. They quoted me a reasonable and competitive price, and when their staff arrived for our appointment, they brought all the professional and appropriate equipment with them. I can't believe how different our carpets look now, so exciting and fresh!
Johnson T.04/09/2014
     The amount of ways that NottingHillCleaners have helped me is astounding! I was in need of a domestic cleaner who would not judge me, and one that could leave some cash in my wallet. Thankfully, this company exceeded all of my expectations. Not only did they not judge, they sympathized and shared some quick cleaning tips. They also provided a complete cleaning service, with some amazing attention to detail for a low price. I mean, I was expecting just a passable job for such a low price, but I was proved wrong! Thank you for a job well done!
Trevor Morris21/08/2014
     I was so happy with the cleaning work I have just had done in my legal office. I was so busy that I couldn't find sufficient time to clean the place. I hired a cleaning company recommended from a colleague, called NottingHillCleaners. This firm was really helpful and could do enough for me. They arranged a deal to suit my finances and set a date to fit in with my busy opening hours. I had an afterhours cleaning service that covered a general cleaning service. The cleaner was polite and hard working, and did an excellent job. I know have a weekly appointment, and it is great to have my offices always looking neat and tidy.
Nadine Underwood24/07/2014
     I have been employing a cleaner on a monthly basis to clean my fairly small apartment in the city, and whilst the work is not too tasking I feel I should leave a review to say that I am absolutely delighted with the service. There is never a problem, a complaint or a cancelled booking, the cleaners from NottingHillCleaners simply arrive precisely on time to get on with their work. They are also on hand to provide great advice and conversation on whatever I talk to them about- but I don't think that is in their job description! I love the visits and I have been delighted with the service. Thank you.
Katie Lundt30/06/2014
     I am the owner of a very busy Indian takeaway and I really only have the daytime to do any serious cleaning before opening time arrives. I had a large enough workload as it was and the cleaning side was getting too much for me. One day a person from NottingHillCleaners called in and introduced himself. He said that his cleaning company could help me to keep my takeaway shining whilst I got on with other duties. I agreed to take his offer as a month trial and see how it goes. I was and am so happy with this decision that I wish I had used those years ago.
Ahmed Singh12/06/2014
     I'm a self employed hairdresser with a very busy work schedule. This leaves me with little time to thoroughly clean my salon. One of my oldest clients mentioned that her son runs a commercial cleaning company called NottingHillCleaners. She called him and got me a quote for the job. The low cost they were asking was so surprising that I thought he had made a mistake. There was no mistake and 2 employees from his company came out on time and did exactly what I asked, and to an extremely high standard. This is an excellent good honest company who I cannot recommend highly enough.
Helen L.26/05/2014
     I never really thought about using a cleaning company before, until I discovered NottingHillCleaners I saw how incredibly cheap they were and could not believe that someone like me could actually afford to hire a cleaning company to clean my home, usually most people will associate cleaners as a service for the rich and not ordinary folks lol, however that is not the case at all, fortunately it's for everyone and for anyone who is struggling to find the time to do it or who may not be physically able because of a disability it is like a godsend, I get my home sparkling for less now and I don't have to lift a finger lol.
Elaine G.08/05/2014
     Well if you've got any stains on your upholstery you know where to go! I tried everything to clean up my sofa and I was getting nowhere, as a coincidence I had also recently employed a cleaner from NottingHillCleaners and I asked her if she could help. In seconds she popped to her car and brought out some products that magically removed whatever the kids had managed to smear all over my beautiful sofa. Have had no other problems so far and I can't see where I would encounter them because they are such an easy company to work with.
Alex Smith08/04/2014
     I have used many cleaning companies in the past, but they just didn't seem to do it for me. Their cleaning did not match my extremely high cleaning standards. So when I heard about NottingHillCleaners I was both hopeful and doubtful. Needless to say that I was absolutely amazed! They cleaned to my expectations and did so in a very professional and timely manner. Staff is kind and trustworthy which is exactly what I expect from someone I allow to enter my home. I wasn't charged a lot which meant I was able to treat myself from time to time. Would recommend to EVERYONE - even the fussy people like me!
Rachel Smith27/03/2014
     I made one of the best choices I've ever made when I called NottingHillCleaners to hire a professional house cleaner for my home. I put a lot of time and effort into cleaning my house as cleanliness is very important to me, but with high standards like mine, I soon decided that it was time for a professional helping hand! I wasn't really expecting much from the company, and I thought I'd be searching for a good few months before I found the right cleaner for me, but I was proven totally wrong! The cleaners from this company did a brilliant job, and I couldn't find a single fault! I am very impressed!