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13Aug 2014
Surprising Cleaning Tips And Tricks
Surprising Cleaning Tips And TricksWhen it comes down to domestic cleaning, you will find that it is possible to have a few tricks up your sleeve that even the contract cleaners may not know! You will ultimately be able to ensure that you are in the right position to be sorting out all of the issues that come with the house getting dirty, without needing to call on the cleaning company every time! You will no doubt know the basics of house cleaning, form vacuuming to upholstery cleaning, but there are a few little bits a pieces that you may not have been aware of, that will help you with everything from carpet cleaning to oven cleaning! If this is the kind of aid that you think you may need, it is well worth having a look over the following notes, to see if any of the ideas could be of help to you!First off, when it comes to the home cleaning, you should think about ways in which you might be able to use alternative methods instead of spending loads on the regular cleaning products that people tend to use. You will find that using lemon, baking soda and vinegar will be a great start, and that there are so many uses for them, that they can be helpful all around the house! For a start, you can use a little vinegar and a bit of water in a spray bottle instead of a surface cleaning spray! Or a bit of lemon rubbed in with some baking soda will give you a perfect cream cleaner, which will leave you in a great position for getting the bathroom looking lemon fresh every time! It’s easy to get these things going and working for you, so why not try it?Also in the bathroom, you may struggle with limescale on the taps. Try sealing a sandwich bag around the tap with some tape, so that you can submerge the tap in vinegar, and then close the sandwich bag up to keep it all in place. Leave this set like this all night, and you should end up with an easily cleaned tap in the morning, as the limescale will have been eaten away by the acid in the vinegar. Simply rinse it all off!Try looking at the way that you deal with stains in the carpet. You may not have heard, but protein based stains like grass, gravy, some chewing gum types, blood and meat grease can all be tackled with the use of digestive enzymes. These enzymes are designed to help digestion by breaking down protein strands, and this will mean that they can be freed from the fibers really very easily. You will find that the results are very effective, and it is well worth looking in to. Washing up liquid is also a surprisingly versatile product, that you can use even when deep cleaning your home. You can use it in small amounts on upholstery stains, as well as in the bathroom to really get your bath and sink looking its best. The grease cutting properties of washing up liquid means that it makes light work of the grubby marks and soap scum that can gather in the bath, and this means that you will be well set to tackle any mess that you may come across. Be sure to froth it up well in advance, so that it gives you as much of a hand as possible.

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