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06Mar 2015
Spring Cleaning With Kids In The House
Spring Cleaning With Kids In The House

As the weather begins to warm up and the spring sun creeps out from the winter clouds, it becomes time for some spring cleaning. This is a perfect time of year to give your house a domestic cleaning makeover and get it looking spick and span by dusting away the winter blues. Spring cleaning, however, can become a stressful task when you have kids at home.

Cleaning might not seem like the most appealing task to give to your children. But don’t let your kids become an excuse to put off the spring cleaning for another day. Rather, get them involved in the process! Kids aren’t completely useless – they’re really just mini humans in the making and giving them good cleaning habits from a young age will have great benefits in their future. So use spring cleaning as something more than just tidying up the place and use these tips to do some positive role modelling with your children.

Spring cleaning with the kids can be an effective way to get the kids involved and give them responsibilities. This type of activity can instil good cleaning habits in your kids for future. Just remember to set boundaries and be clear about the expectations of how spring cleaning will work.

Give them an important task

Children love to feel important. They love to be in charge and thrive off responsibility when it is given to them. Obviously it is important to give them an age appropriate task that they can handle. This can involve tasks like dusting window sills or sweeping along the bottom of walls.

Put them in charge of their own space

Kids need to learn from a young age to take responsibility of their own space. This can include their bedroom or a play room. Give the job of getting rid of toys they don’t play with any more and clothes they don’t want to wear any more. It is important to explain to kids why they need to do this. Set an example by also going through your own wardrobe to show that it is something everyone has to do throughout life.

Encourage tidying up after themselves

Kids are generally messy and often they don’t mean to be. Spring cleaning can be a good time to show kids how easily mess builds up if you don’t deal with it straight away. You can show this by finding random toys scattered about the house, often they end up under couches or sofas. Explain to kids that this happens when they don’t take care of their toys and belongings by packing up when they are done. This can set a good example by reminding them that things get lost easily if they aren’t taken care of properly and cleaned away.

Don’t let them near breakables or fragile items

Your children may get a bit over-enthusiastic during a spring cleaning session. You should set boundaries before you start out with the cleaning chores. Ask the kids to look around the room and decide what they think might be breakable or dangerous, such as lamps, photo frames and power points. Get the kids to pay attention to these things and remind that it is important only adults touch these. Explain the reason and consequences for this so that the kids don’t feel inclined to touch them away.

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