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16Dec 2014
Prepare For Carpet Cleaning This Winter
Prepare For Carpet Cleaning This WinterWith winter almost at our doorstep and bringing with it some frost and snow, you know that your house is going to get a different kind of dirty. Not only are you going to bring in wet dirt, but come the first snowfall and you will be treading snow and slush in as well. Besides all that, it is pretty obvious that the more time you spend inside, the more dirty your carpets are going to get. To avoid having to take care of a big mess when it is time for spring cleaning, a regular rug cleaning routine throughout winter can help you reduce the cleaning job you need to deal with at the end of it as well as ensure that your carpets and rugs last longer. Here are a few tips on how you can keep your house clean during winter.1.    Put mats at entrancesA good way to stop the dirt and water from outside coming into your home is to place a doorway mat at all entrances, especially at the front door. Pick an outdoor mat that is made of hard fibres and is weather resistant. This will not only ensure that all the dirt, moisture and rock salt on the soles of your shoes are trapped and thus will not be treaded on your carpet and damage it. This holds true for both your workplace and your home. Make sure your employees and family members get into a habit of wiping their feet before they step indoors.2.    Vacuum more frequentlyThe obvious reason that you need to vacuum more frequently in winter is so that you can collect the dirt and moisture that has been tracked in from outside before it settles on your carpet. But another reason you should do it is because in winters, your house receives more dust, pollens, allergens and spores than at other times. Since you keep your house mostly shut, there is hardly any ventilation to draw them outwards. As such they settle in your carpet and can make the indoors environment stuffy and smelly. Regular vacuuming will help remove the dust and other pollutants trapped in your carpet and improve the air quality within your house.3.    Deep cleanYou might also bring in rock salt and calcium chloride, used to melt snow, in your house and deposit them on your carpets. These chemicals cause discolouration and can be hard to remove. Shampooing your carpet and giving it a thorough clean (such as during steam cleaning) will help restore the colour and get rid of dirt and dust embedded in the depth of the fibres better than vacuuming. You could call in a domestic cleaning company to do the deep cleaning for you at least twice during the length of the winter. 4.    Dehumidification and mold removalDuring winter, it is likely that you keep your windows closed and the heating on. The increase in moisture and heat in the room is ideal for mold and mildew to grow, especially in your carpet. To prevent this, you might want to get some professional carpet cleaners to come and add padding to your carpet so that it retains less moisture. If your carpet smells musty, it might be because the spores are already growing on it. If so, you will want to invite a professional mold removal company to have a look and treat your carpet. Once you are assured that your house is safe and healthy, you must take care to ensure that it remains so.

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