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16Oct 2014
How To Clean Your Lofts, Cupboards And Box Rooms Out
How To Clean Your Lofts, Cupboards And Box Rooms OutWe could all do with some extra space in our homes, and most of us have the means to create it right now! We’ve all got a clutter space that could do with some cleaning - all you have to do is get in there and find out what you can get rid of! It really is that simple. Sure, there might be some valuables and useful stuff hiding in there too, but that’s the best part - you can uncover these hidden treasures and use them again! Just get yourself into the cleaning mindset, and the rest will come naturally. Here are the top things to look for when doing your routine clear-out.Things that just aren’t going to be working, or useful any time soon. You know what I’m talking out - those broken toys that you thought you’ve gotten rid of, those appliances that are years out of date, and those clothes that are five sizes too small and smell horrible. These are the kind of things that you should be throwing away. Sort out all of the cardboard boxes and put them on the recycling heap, and chuck the rest out. To help with this process, you can hire a specialised cleaning service; a skip hirer! They can bring a skip to your door at any time that’s convenient, and you can toss everything out! It’ll help keep your home clean, and that’s all that matters at the end of the day.Also, look for donation or even selling fodder. You know, items that you don’t need, but aren’t completely useless. Like old records, antiques, clothes that aren’t completely worn out, and so on. Get the antiques valued, and whack them on eBay. You can raise some funds for a rainy day, or treat yourself! As for the rest, donate them to a local charity shop, or to a friend or colleague who needs them more. This way, you’re creating space and helping someone out at the same time!As for the items that you just can’t be without - my advice is; if you can’t find a good use for them right now, hire some local storage. Self storage allows you to put the more valuable items that clutter your home into some rented storage space, so you can pick them up at a later date. It does help to be more vicious when doing some domestic cleaning, though. But there are exceptions - and that’s what self storage is for.So, with all of your clutter being sent to the cleaners, you can put your storage space to better use. Box rooms can be converted into offices or a proper spare bedroom, and with your cupboard space freed up you can use it to conveniently store items that you’ll actually need! So when you’re doing the annual dose of home cleaning, don’t forget to include a clear out on your to-do list. It’ll save you some trouble in the long run, and some space as well.

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