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05Nov 2014
How To Clean A Microwave
How To Clean A MicrowaveMicrowaves are the best thing that happened to man after pre-packaged dinners. When you get back from a busy evening at work, all you have to do is pop in your food in the microwave and go take a shower. When you get back, your food will be piping hot and ready to eat. What we often tend to ignore in this situation is that the food has spluttered all inside the microwave and over time this will built up in crusts that become hard to remove. If you have allowed your microwave to fall to neglect, here are some easy tips for cleaning your microwave. It is not very time consuming and very easy to incorporate within your kitchen cleaning routine.1.    Soften the crustsFood that has spluttered on the inside of the microwave gets burned every time you switch it on, this is why these crusts become hard to remove. Soften them by boiling 500-600 ml of water in the microwave. For better cleaning, squeeze half a lemon into it. Boil it for at least seven minutes and then leave it inside for five minutes. The steam build up from this will further soften the crusts and make them easier to remove. 2.    Clean the detachablesSwitch off the microwave and take out all the detached equipments from inside the microwave. They might be hot so make sure you use a cloth to hold them. Wash the cooking tray and rotating support thoroughly using normal home cleaning supplies and leave them on the dish rack to dry. If the cooking tray smells, leave it in warm water for some time before cleaning it with a powerful dishwashing liquid.3.    Wipe the insideSpray some soap solution or commercial oven cleaning solution on a piece of clean cloth till it is damp and use this to wipe down the roof and the sides of the microwave. If there is too much dirty stuff falling down, you might need to rinse and re-moisten the rag before you use it again. When you are done with the top and the sides, begin cleaning the bottom floor and inside of the glass. If you have problem getting food out of the corners, use some Q-tips dipped in the cleaning solution to wiggle out chucks of food. When you are done, squirt some white vinegar on a clean rag or paper towel and wipe down the inside on final time.4.    Remove persistent stainsIf you can still see some spots, use the most common domestic cleaning solution – baking soda and water. Dip a rag in the solution and rub over the spots gently till they disappear. Then wipe the solution off using a dry towel.5.    Clean the outsideUse any multi-surface cleaner or a vinegar solution as before to wipe down the outside of the microwave. Use some dishwashing solution to sponge-clean the glass on the inside and outside, and then wipe it dry with a paper towel. Move the microwave and brush the dust and dirt accumulated on its underside. Turn the microwave around and clean the vents with a soft rag or dust-brush. If the vents are very narrow, swipe some dry cotton Q-tips along the interior channels. Run a rag along the chord as well. Leave the door to the oven open for some time to remove the food smells from inside. After two hours or so, plug it back in, wipe the cooking tray and support before placing it inside and your oven is ready to be used again.This cleaning procedure takes less than fifteen minutes to do, does not use expensive kitchen cleaners and can be easily incorporated into your everyday house cleaning routine.

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