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23May 2014
Clearing Up Pet Stains
Clearing Up Pet StainsPet stains can be a real nuisance in the home, and if you are going through the motions of training a dog or a cat to wait until they are allowed outside to go to the toilet, then you will need to know how to rid yourself of these marks easily, as otherwise things will get messy! Have a think about how your house needs to be protected against such issues, as well as how you think it best to tackle such issues by looking over the following ideas.If you have a carpeted house, then the stains are going to be difficult to remove from the fibrous surface that the carpet is. A decent carpet shampoo and a quick reaction will be what you need to get rid of most stains. If the mess is a more solid one, then you will need to put up the gloves and use a scraper to lift the mess off of the carpet, preferably without spreading it any further around the area that is stained. You will find as well that you need to be very careful with the way in which you do this, as otherwise you can end up pushing the much further in to the pile, or dropping it elsewhere and doubling the issue that you have! Bag and chuck away the mess immediately, and attend to the stain that has remained. Spray the carpet shampoo or stain remover on, and leave it to soak in for ten minutes. You should use a stiff brush for this job, and one that you can either throw away or boil wash afterwards. Scrub the foam in to the affected area, and allow it to lather up. Work the foam in roughly, but be sure that you are not ripping the carpet at all, or creating a fuzzing effect where the stain is. Once you have lifted the stain out, you need to leave the area to dry, and vacuum up the residue. The residue will likely still smell a little, so you should be sure to try and get rid of the vacuum cleaner’s dust bad as soon as possible, for fear of wafting the smell throughout the house! If you find that there are still dirty marks in the area, then you should repeat the process, perhaps using more of the washing agent. Should that not work, then you will need to get a professional in to sort the problem out, as there is little more that you can do, without using harsh chemicals that can risk the safety of the carpet itself. You will find that on hard surfaces, the mess is a lot easier to clean up, as you simply need to lift the mess up, and then wipe away the stain left behind. With urine stains, the washing is the same, but you won’t have to pick anything solid up first. The area will likely be larger however, so it is pretty essential that you attend to it quickly, as otherwise the stain can dry, which will cause both an unsightly mark and a terrible smell! Should you have continuous problems of this sort, you should think about laying down mats in problem areas, or closing the doors to carpeted rooms by way of habit. Banning the animals form some rooms may be harsh, but it could be the type of action that is needed to prevent the continual staining of the floors as they build up towards being fully house trained! Good luck!

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