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02Sep 2014
Cleaning Up After Your Kids
Cleaning Up After Your KidsWhilst your children may well be the best thing that has ever happened to you, you will likely find that there is a huge amount that can annoy you about them! Whilst cleaning is perhaps fairly low on your list of priorities in general, the mess that kids can make will suddenly knock it up to the top, as suddenly the house will look like a bomb has hit it! If you are at the mercy of your children when it comes to the house cleaning, then you may well benefit from a couple of tips and tricks on how you could be getting ahead with the domestic cleaning, rather than letting your little ones’ mess get you down. One of the main keys to success with cleaning up after your children is prevention. You will find that there is a great deal that you can do before the mess occurs to ensure that you are not at risk of the cleaning up being too difficult. For a start, work out the main point at which the kids’ mess affects the home. You will perhaps find that there is a lot of food thrown around at meal times, and that it can get all over the place. If you want to protect against this, then you can put down some plastic matting on the table, to ensure that you can just rinse it off, rather than having to get busy with the cloth, which would take a fair amount longer to sort out. You will find that the best way in which to prevent against similar problems will be to ensure that you are looking at this similar to this, and putting the preventative measures in place. One of the main issues that people have with their children in the home is that of mess on the walls. Grubby hand prints, drawings, and food splatter will all find their way on to the walls when your children are growing up. One of the main ways in which to prevent against this is to look in to wipe clean paint solutions. It may seem like a big task to paint the interior of the house, but if your place is in need of a spruce up anyway, then it can lead to excellent marriage of intentions. You will find that there are plenty of options in the types that you need. Gloss is excellent in that it will be pretty water resistant, and will usually come in all of the same colors as are available in other types of paint. If you don’t like the shine that you get with gloss, then you should talk to a paint supplier about similarly resistant options, but don’t go for emulsion, as this is water based, and wiping it will take it off of the walls themselves. If you have cream carpets or sofas, then it is going to be an interesting time in your life. For the sofa cleaning, you can take preventative measures in getting a cheap throw to cover the furniture in, so that you are not worrying about having to get stains out with upholstery cleaning, because your child has spilt their juice everywhere! With the carpet, you will to be able to core the whole thing, so it is advisable to have a can of stain remover on hand at all times. You will no doubt become an adept hand at getting rid of stains in various materials and surfaces as your children get older!

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